Kathy’s Corner: Digitizing that collection of inherited family photos

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This popular monthly session focuses on a challenge for every family historian: Sorting and digitizing collections of inherited family photos and artifacts. Our speaker, Projectkin member Kathy Stone has decades of experience as a professional photo organizer and is now working on her family history projects. As a pro, she appreciates the challenge of actually getting projects done. In these “Corner” events, she answers questions and coaches members as your personal “sherpa over Mt. Inertia.” Our programs build on the 8-step approach she shared in a post and the 2023 Kathy’s Corner series. (Projectkin members have access to event recordings through the Members’ Chat Room in the Projectkin Forum.) Now the focus will be on …

Project Recipe: Weaving a Grandmother’s Letters into a Story

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Insight from a published author about a book in progress This very special event features Kathryn Graven, acclaimed author of “Memoirs of a Mask Maker” as she discusses a new project in progress. This is a bit of a diversion from our usual Project Recipe events that focus on completed projects. There’s a special reason. Kathy’s recently published “Memoirs,” honors the women who helped her stitch her life back together after tragic loss. This deeply personal book pulls a narrative thread from Kathy’s personal story to share insight about tending grief and reclaiming joy. With decades of experience as a journalist to inform her process, Kathy is a pro. As you’ll read in “Memoirs of …

Project Clinic: Family History Project Ideas

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These very special brainstorming sessions will allow anyone with a story to tell to bring their tale to this open lab to sort through the best way to tell it as a family history project. Today’s digital storytelling tools are so wide and deep that they can be intimidating. As a community, we’ll brainstorm and share ideas for tips, techniques, and tools that might make your storytelling effort easier. The idea for this program is to keep it to just an hour so that we can be efficient with time and generous with ideas. Your host, Barbara Tien, is one of the co-founders at Ponga.com and the “ring leader” here in our Projectkin.org community. We …

Discover Your Past: The Chosen Families Project

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Several years ago, genealogist Julian Rebelo created The Chosen Family Project (https://www.julianrebelo.com/blog?offset=1652374506063) out of his passion for collecting orphaned family photographs and documents, whilst trying to reunite them with their respective families. Julian shares some of the fascinating stories associated with this project and also advises how to preserve your own historical family photos. For details see alpl.librarymarket.com/event/discover-your-past-chosen-families-project-36711

“RootsTech Wash Up Party” with Hilary Blanford

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As RootsTech events wrap, let’s compare notes in a “wash up party!” The conference talks, exhibition halls, and special events of RootsTech get everyone in a lather about what’s new, what’s fun, and what they’ve learned. Let’s take a moment with Hilary Blanford of the East Surrey Family History Society to compare notes and wrap up the show as a community. Recording & resources free to Projectkin members At the conclusion of our program, Projectkin members will get a link to any shared links and resources, and the recording. This program will be held online via Google Meet. Google Meet runs in your browser, so there’s nothing to download. Recordings are generally available 2-4 hours …

“Fun with Genealogy!” with Sindi Terrien

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Hook a kid on genealogy and you’ll give them the gift of their ancestors Genealogist, researcher, and author, Sindi Terrien was our Project Recipe speaker in January 2024 talking about creating your own Genealogy Activity Book. She returns during RootsTech to share ideas on inspiring the family to that love of ancestral stories. It’s not just kids who can have fun! Learn more about Sindi at FunwithGenealogy.com. Recording & resources free to Projectkin members At the conclusion of our program, Projectkin members will get a link to any shared links and resources, and the recording. This program will be held online via Google Meet. Google Meet runs in your browser, so there’s nothing to download. …

“Latest in writing tools for family historians” with Denys Allen

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Can’t get to RootsTech? Denys is there for you! Noted author, Pennsylvania ancestor researcher, and writing coach Denys Allen has graciously offered to share her insights after touring the RootsTech exhibits and participating in conference programs during the show. Denys is a family history writer uniquely committed to both the crafts of genealogy and writing. Her stories cover eight generations of Pennsylvania ancestors, and taken her to the courthouses and archives of Berks, Blair, Centre, Chester, Clearfield, Dauphin, Delaware, Lancaster, Montgomery, Northampton, Philadelphia, Schuylkill, Snyder, and Union counties. Her candid perspective on the show will give you the sense of being there — without leaving the couch. Recording & resources free to Projectkin members At …

How to Build an Archive, One Story at a Time.

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Why are stories important? Since the dawn of human civilization, stories have been created to help us make sense of the world around us. These stories captured anything from explanations of why the sun rose every morning to harrowing escapes from animal predators. Until written languages were developed and recorded onto sheets of papyrus or clay tablets, oral histories reigned supreme. Like a game of telephone, stories told orally from person-to-person are susceptible to change as people forget, embellish, or invent new parts to the story as they pass them along from person to person. Historically, not everyone has had access to sheets of papyrus or clay tablets to record their stories. In fact, many …